A Vacation Guide for Those with Mobility Issues

By: Jesse Perez

As the sun graces us with its warmth, it’s that time of the year to embark on the journey of planning your next summer vacation. For those with mobility issues, this process comes with a unique set of considerations. To make your vacation planning seamless and enjoyable, we’ve done our research and put together a comprehensive guide on what to look for when planning a getaway with mobility concerns.

What To Look For:


Hotels that are Accessible

Finding accommodation that caters to accessibility needs is crucial. Look for hotels that provide features such as ramps, elevators, and rooms designed with mobility in mind. Ensure that their facilities are user-friendly and accommodate various mobility aids.

Car Rental Places with Accessible Vehicles

Freedom to explore your destination is vital. Seek out car rental companies that offer accessible vehicles, equipped with features like ramps or space for mobility devices. Confirm availability and accessibility features in advance to streamline your travel experience.


Explore the offerings of AccessibleGo.com, a valuable resource for travelers with mobility challenges. From destination guides to reviews, this platform is dedicated to ensuring accessible travel for everyone. Use it to discover accessible hotels, attractions, and transportation options.

Best Kind of Locations:

National Parks

Nature enthusiasts with mobility issues can still revel in the beauty of national parks. Many parks offer accessible trails, facilities, and services. Take in the wonders of nature without compromising comfort.

Niagara Falls

A breathtaking destination accessible to all, Niagara Falls provides an awe-inspiring experience for individuals with mobility issues. Discover accessible viewing platforms, tours, and accommodations to make your visit memorable.

Barrier-Free Cities

Explore cities that prioritize accessibility. These cities often feature accessible public transportation, well-designed sidewalks, and attractions with inclusive facilities. Enjoy the vibrant culture and attractions without worrying about mobility constraints.

Recommended Accessible Citiesto travel to:

  •  Las Vegas, Nevada
  •  Amsterdam, Netherlands
  •  London, England
  •  New York City, New York
  •  Orlando (Disney World)
  •  Denver, Colorado

Not in ranking order. There are many more great places to visit, however, all of these places are spots that have great infrastructure that is favorable for individuals with mobility issues, including the use of a wheelchair. These places are also fun vacation spots that have lots to do for all ages and a variety of interests!



Cruises offer a hassle-free vacation experience for individuals with mobility challenges. Many cruise lines provide accessible cabins, ramps, and attentive staff to ensure a comfortable journey. Enjoy the open seas with the convenience of accessible amenities.



Planning a vacation with mobility issues requires thoughtful consideration, but it shouldn’t limit your travel aspirations. With accessible hotels, transportation, and invaluable resources like AccessibleGo.com, you can make your summer getaway both exciting and comfortable. Whether exploring national parks, visiting iconic landmarks like Niagara Falls, discovering barrier-free cities, or setting sail on a cruise, the world is ready to be explored by all.

Happy travels!


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