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Bathroom Modifications in Arlington Heights, IL

Home For Life Advantage wants to help create and design a bathroom that fits your needs. We can add grab bars in the shower, on your toilet, or anywhere really. Add a comfort-height toilet, walk-in, or barrier-free shower, this list goes on and on. 

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Arlington Heights, IL Bathroom Modifications

Stairlifts in Arlington Heights, IL

When you want to install any type of stairlift in your home you should pick a trusted company. Like us, we have been doing stairlift in this area since we’ve opened our doors. We have many options, brands, and features for this service. 

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Stairlift Arlington Heights, IL

Wheelchair Ramps in Arlington Heights, IL

If you are in a wheelchair, powerchair, or any other mobility device and have difficulty accessing certain parts of your home or business a ramp may be in order. We have plenty of ramp types to help fit the needs perfectly for this scenario. 

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Wheelchair Ramp Arlington Heights, IL

Grab Bars in Arlington Heights, IL

Living independently is something that everyone wants to maintain for their lifetime. Getting up there in age doesn’t help maintain that goal, but that’s why we’re in business. We assist with balancing and proper stability in the fashion of grab bars. You can add these to any room in your home or business. 

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Grab Bars Arlington Heights, IL

Lifts in Arlington Heights, IL

A similar service to stairlifts but not the same, our lift services help those in wheelchairs, powerchairs, or any mobility device. We can add any lift you may need to your home or business to help better access certain landings or areas. 

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Bidet Toilet Seats

Maintain your independence and privacy in the bathroom.  Bidets are starting to become  more popular in our country, providing easier ways to stay clean.

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Bidet Toilet Seat Arlington Heights, IL

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