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Bathroom vanities are a fantastic addition because they provide lots of storage, can be the main support for your sink, and provide a great area to get ready for any occasion. Home For Life creates completely custom vanities for certain needs or limitations. For example, a normal vanity usually can’t fit a mobility device underneath it comfortably. We can create a wheelchair-accessible bathroom vanity with clearance underneath so that anyone in a mobility device can use this area comfortably.

That’s only one example of the many features that our company can implement into your new vanity. We want your vanity to look modern while providing all the needed features to make sure it’s fully accessible.    

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can customize the bottom half or more of your vanity with a clearance that can fit any mobility device that you may be using. The clearance can be as high or as short as you want, and the extra storage options can be added so that you aren’t losing storage space for any essentials you may need.  

Get in contact with us and/or schedule a free consultation with our experts about your new bathroom vanity addition. 

A basic vanity mirror usually doesn’t have the ability to be adjusted up, down, or to either side because it’s not installed with a pivoting modification. A simple solution that our company can complete to make your mirror adjustable.

Home For Life can install any pivoting mirror you may need so that you can adjust the view of your mirror so you can see yourself properly everyday. If you just want your mirror to stay in place at a certain angle we can do that as well instead of a pivoting option.

Yes we do! We can install a mirror with lights in it for your vanity for not only a modern look but a more convenient way to use your vanity lights. This option is becoming more popular due to its sheer convenience and sleek look. 

We can provide a bench for your vanity so you can sit down comfortably. The bench can be slid under the vanity clearance or stored away in any way that makes the most sense while keeping a sleek look with plenty of storage.

Contact our experts about adding a vanity bench seat to your bathroom.

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