Life Changing Free Technology for The Hearing Impaired

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“A growing body of evidence has linked age-related hearing loss to functional decline, depression, cognitive decline, and dementia. […] Social isolation and loneliness are hypothesized potential mechanisms through which hearing loss may be associated with worsened cognitive and mental health.” Socializing for people with hearing disabilities is important to counteract the depression and anxiety of feeling isolated (National Library of

Construction and Education: How Qualified is Big Business?

Education in Construction

Would You Like to Order a Small, or Large? Raise your hand if you can predict the future. We know this is far-fetched, but considering available options for aging in place now can make a huge impact on your future. Construction can be pretty seamless… as long as you make the right choices first. So let’s say you want to

Health and Dignity is Our Due Diligence

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Early Intervention is Vital When your loved one is experiencing difficult adjustments in their life, the topic becomes that much harder to discuss. Change is never fun to acknowledge, so how do we go about fulfilling their needs? It all comes down to recognizing early warning signs that may require modifications while maintaining health and dignity. Often times, the one

Choosing The Perfect Wheelchair Ramp

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Choosing the Perfect Wheelchair Ramp Ramps allow those in wheelchairs or scooter users to access a raised landing in a home easily. Factors need to be considered to decide which of the four types of ramps to use. Do you want the ramp in your garage? Outside in front of your home? Or for your car? The ADA requirements to

Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention We all assume that falling is a normal part of aging. However, the National Council on Aging (NCOA) assures us that falling is NOT a normal part of aging. They have designated the first week of Autumn, September 20th – 24th, as Fall Prevention Week to help awareness that falls are preventable.  The Numbers  Falling happens to 1 in 4 adults

Aging & Exercise

Aging & Exercise When you have mobility issues, the last thing you want to think about is exercise. Everyone needs to keep active both physically and mentally. Finding ways to do so can be challenging. Here are some suggestions on ways to move. Brain Power In April, our blog “Mental Health Awareness Month” went over several different ways to improve

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month Last month, April was recognized as Parkinson’s awareness month but this month, May, is where people raise awareness about mental health. The main concentration of this blog will revolve around raising more knowledge and how to help improve the mental health of the senior community. The four methods that improve senior mental health that will be

Seniors and Marijuana

Seniors and Marijuana

Seniors & Marijuana Today is the 20th of April which is recognized as national marijuana day around the world. This green plant has been becoming legalized in many states, like Illinois, left and right recently. People use it recreationally, some use it as a replacement for over-the-counter medicines, and some have to use it because of a certain ailment or

Does Medicare Cover The Cost of Stairlifts?

Does Medicare cover the cost of stair lifts?

Stair Lifts & Medicare Coverage You, a family member, or even a colleague might be in the market to purchase a stair lift for their home or business. Stair lifts are a great and well-known solution for those who struggle going up and down the stairs for different reasons. Some individuals may have an injury, some may be a disability,