Why Call a Pro to Install Your Stairlift or Chairlift?


Call in the Expert

Do It Yourself (DIY) projects have become extremely popular in recent years. With Pinterest and YouTube as growing resources for these types of projects, homeowners have become even more independent. However, some projects still need the skills and knowledge of an expert. Some may choose the cheaper route and hire a general contractor. Although they may have some construction knowledge, hiring an expert may be a better option.

Chuck and his Truck

More complex equipment like stairlifts and vertical platform lifts require an expert. Hiring a general contractor to do this type of install will only give you more headaches, and in the end, will not save you any money. Not only are there specific skills and knowledge needed to help in troubleshooting that a general contractor might not have, but they must also have extensive knowledge of how to install the lifts properly.

Stairlift Northbrook IL

One Size Does Not Fit All

Another important thing to know is that stairlifts must be custom installed. Because all staircases are different in size and shape, they must be measured and built specifically to that staircase. If your staircase has many turns, bends, or landings, it will require specific knowledge and tools to take measurements. This also makes stairlifts unable to be rented. There is no “one size fits all.”

Get Your Independence Back

Don’t let this discourage you from installing a stairlift. They are immensely helpful if you have concerns going up or down the stairs. The benefits outweigh the cost of any stairlift. They keep you independent, moving around your house normally, comfortably, and safely. You can continue doing day-to-day chores like laundry without the worry of falling.

Chicago Weather is No Match

Stairlifts are also weather resistant and can be installed outside. The only time it will not work is if there is something on the rail blocking the chair from moving. Snow, leaves, the neighbor’s cat, and so on must be removed so that the chair can move freely up and down the rail.

Vertical Platform Lifts (VPLs)

Vertical platform lifts, also known as chairlifts, are different from stairlifts. If you have a smaller staircase and don’t have the space to put a stairlift, it might make more sense to install a vertical platform lift. This typically sits aside from the staircase. It is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an enclosed platform that raises vertically. Once again, these are weather resistant and can be used year-round, no matter what Chicago decides to throw at it. Having an expert install your chairlift is very important. There needs to be ample support at the bottom, such as a concrete base, and no gaps left between the landing and the lift. If there are any gaps, it will be difficult for wheelchairs to successfully roll out of the lift.

It’s Electric

All lifts require electricity. If an outlet is not close by, one will need to be made. There is a lot that goes into a stairlift and chairlift installation. Before hiring “chuck and a truck,” consider the benefits of hiring an expert. In the end, you will save money because there is no risk of a bad installation. An expert will be able to troubleshoot quickly, getting your stairlift or chairlift up and running smoothly and safely. Outdoor Stair Lift

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