Choosing The Perfect Wheelchair Ramp

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Choosing the Perfect Wheelchair Ramp Ramps allow those in wheelchairs or scooter users to access a raised landing in a home easily. Factors need to be considered to decide which of the four types of ramps to use. Do you want the ramp in your garage? Outside in front of your home? Or for your car? The ADA requirements to

Does Medicare Cover The Cost of Stairlifts?

Does Medicare cover the cost of stair lifts?

Stair Lifts & Medicare Coverage You, a family member, or even a colleague might be in the market to purchase a stair lift for their home or business. Stair lifts are a great and well-known solution for those who struggle going up and down the stairs for different reasons. Some individuals may have an injury, some may be a disability,

Smart Home | Accessible Home

Smart Home | Accessible Home   Updated December 11, 2020, with new OrCam technology. Tech Takeover Technology consumes our world. From the time we wake up until the time we go to bed, we interact with screens and devices almost 24/7. The onset of tech gave us new ways to connect with old friends and family living across the globe.

Why a Bidet Toilet Seat Will Change Your Life

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Bidet’s The Way: Benefits of a Bidet   You’ll Never Need to Buy Toilet Paper Again We’re serious. You will never need to buy toilet paper again if you invest in a bidet. Bidets (pronounced bih-days, french for a pony) are used to clean the undercarriage portion of our bodies after using the toilet. No need for toilet paper as

Guide to Stair Lifts: What to Know Before You Buy

Continue your independence with a stairlift Obstacles are everywhere – jumping through hoops at work, avoiding a crack in the sidewalk, swerving your car to miss that cute squirrel running across the road. Our homes should be a safe haven from the world’s daily hurdles. However, mobility issues limit how we move inside our own homes. Aging, disabilities, and injuries

Top Five Products to Purchase as You Age

Top Five Products to Purchase as You Age What Products Should I Buy as I Age? Maybe this isn’t your exact question. It might be more along the lines of, “Do I need a grab bar now?” or “Will I need a ramp in the future?” Maybe you’re not even thinking about home modifications for yourself. You may be researching

The No. 1 Solution to Suction Grab Bars in the Shower

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Best Solution to Suction Grab Bars in the Shower The best solution for grab bars in the shower does not include the suction kind. Suction grab bars create as much danger in the shower as not having any at all. Retailers like Amazon and Aging In boast suction grab bars as a safe option for balance support in the bathroom. However, this is misleading and may cause

Call the Experts:Why use a Pro to Install Your Stairlift or Chairlift?


Why Call a Pro to Install Your Stairlift or Chairlift?   Call in the Expert Do It Yourself (DIY) projects have become extremely popular in recent years. With Pinterest and YouTube as growing resources for these types of projects, homeowners have become even more independent. However, some projects still need the skills and knowledge of an expert. Some may choose