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Choosing the Perfect Wheelchair Ramp

Ramps allow those in wheelchairs or scooter users to access a raised landing in a home easily. Factors need to be considered to decide which of the four types of ramps to use. Do you want the ramp in your garage? Outside in front of your home? Or for your car? The ADA requirements to install a wheelchair ramp are also a factor to consider. This article will review factors, the ADA requirements, and the four types of ramps. At Home for Life Advantage, we carry these four types of ramps.

Factors to Consider 

When considering which type of ramp to get, some factors to consider are: 

  • What part of the home do you want your ramp to be installed? 
  • Do you want the wheelchair ramp to be inconspicuous?
  • Do you want the ramp to be indoors (the garage) or outdoors and blends into your home?
  • Do you want the ramp not to be affected by the outdoor elements?
  • What types of materials would you prefer to be used on your ramp?
  • Do you require a permanent ramp, temporary ramp, or both?

ADA Requirements

We do follow the ADA Guidelines and your cities laws to install ramps correctly. The ADA guidelines require that you need one foot of the ramp for every one-inch rise, the safest incline height for a ramp that fits your layout.


Home For Life Advantage carries four types of ramps

  • Portable
  • Threshold
  • Garage
  • Decorative

Most ramps are available in different materials, are slip-resistant, and can withstand outdoor elements. 

Portable Ramps

Portable ramps are six feet long, weigh around forty pounds, and can fit in most cars. These ramps can be easily stored and can support up to seven hundred pounds. Portable ramps come with a crutch rail; the raised aluminum pieces on both sides of the ramp. The crutch rail is extra security to keep the mobility device to stay on the ramp.

Threshold Ramps

Threshold Ramps are perfect for those who have difficulty with any steps. These ramps can be placed both inside and outside of your home. We custom-make this ramp to fit your threshold perfectly. Step measurements for threshold ramp requirement are if the step is a quarter inch to two and three-quarters of an inch.  

Garage Ramps

Garage Ramps are custom designed and built with you and your space in mind. A garage ramp is inconspicuous and keeps you out of outdoor elements. Another benefit of a ramp in your garage is that it doesn’t affect your home’s curb appeal.

Decorative Ramps

Decorative Ramps are custom designed and built with you and your space in mind. These ramps blend in with your home’s exterior or interior features. It can give you access to the garden on the side of your home, a smooth path to the mailbox at the driveway entrance, and more. Blend in with the home’s landscape to give your layout a more natural look while providing safe travel for all users. The materials typically used for decorative ramps are brick and concrete. 


Ramps can be easily installed, like our portable option. Or inconspicuously wrap around your home. It is essential to consider the factors to choose the right ramp for you. If you have any questions about picking the type of ramp for you, contact us for a consultation. 

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