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Bathroom Modifications in Crystal Lake, IL

We design all of our customer’s bathrooms universally. What that means is that the design lets anyone use the amenities in the bathroom properly and safely. This makes a huge difference for those in a mobility device like a wheelchair, making this room fully accessible for those individuals. 

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Bathroom Modifications Crystal Lake, IL

Stairlifts in Crystal Lake, IL

The staircase can be considered one of the most dangerous areas within a home or business. Home For Life can add any stairlift to any staircase in Crystal Lake, IL. We want to help improve the safety of the individuals who need assistance when using the staircase overall. 

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Stairlift In Crystal Lake, IL

Wheelchair Ramps in Crystal Lake, IL

We have different types of wheelchair ramps available for any certain needs in Crystal Lake, IL. If you need a portable ramp on the go or an inconspicuous wheelchair ramp in your garage we can provide that for you. But our options don’t stop there.  

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Wheelchair Ramp garage

Grab Bars in Crystal Lake, IL

Don’t struggle to move around in certain areas of your Crystal Lake, IL home or business anymore. Grab bars can be a great addition to any room to help improve your stability. Especially when it’s installed properly by the experts at Home For Life Advantage.

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Grab Bars Crystal Lake, IL

Lifts in Crystal Lake, IL

Being able to safely transfer from a raised porch, deck, or any or landing in a wheelchair is priority #1. Our platform lifts provide the security and safety you need to be able to access any landing in your Crystal Lake, IL home or business.

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Platform Lift Crystal Lake, IL

Bidet Toilet Seats in Crystal Lake, IL

This is where people take care of some serious business, professionally and personally. But seriously, some people with mobility or accessibility limitations can have a true struggle on the toilet. Bidet toilet seats make the overall routine easier and cleaner. 

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