Decorative Ramps

In the Greater Chicagoland Area

Home For Life Advantage will make you a custom ramp from the ground up. Decorative ramps blend in with your home’s exterior or interior features. Giving easier mobility & accessibility for any mobility device with a completely unique design. 

These ramps can also give people using any mobility device more accessible to just a threshold. It can give you access to the garden on the side of your home, a smooth path to the mailbox at the end of the driveway, and much more.

We offer free consultations to everyone. 

About Our Decorative Ramps​

  • Blends in with the layout and theme of your home or business
  • Can be made with a multitude of different materials
  • Inconspicuous
  • Many benefits other than usage of a mobility device
Decorative Ramp

Frequently Asked Questions

These ramps are made to blend in with homes and businesses landscape better. To give your layout a more natural look while providing safe travel for all users.

Contact us for more information about our decorative ramps. 

It all depends on what you would like, but the materials that we use the most on every one of decorative ramps are brick and concrete. You can also add wood to this type of ramp if you wanted to as well. 

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