Various Types of Home Modifications Available in The DeKalb, IL Area

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Bathroom Modifications in DeKalb, IL

If your DeKalb, IL home or business bathroom is challenging individuals for proper and safe use independently, it might be time for some additions. Any mobility or accessibility limitation can be a reason for this and we provide many solutions to ensure independence in the bathroom for all.

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Bathroom Modifications DeKalb, IL

Stairlifts in DeKalb, IL

Stairlifts provide those with any mobility or accessibility limitation a safe method to use the staircase. Providing a true solution for those that have difficulty with this in their DeKalb, IL home or business. Anyone can comfortably sit in a chair to be transferred up and down the stair with ease.

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Stair lift in DeKalb, IL

Wheelchair Ramps in DeKalb, IL

By providing a range of wheelchair ramps to choose from, we can fit a type of ramp that best fits your DeKalb, IL layout. We can provide an on-the-go portable option, an inconspicuous garage ramp, and much more for what you need.  

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Wheelchair Ramp DeKalb, IL

Grab Bars in DeKalb, IL

Everyone wants to maintain their own independence in their home or when out and about in public. Being able to balance properly in your DeKalb, IL home or business is a vital task every day. People with any mobility or accessibility limitation can have balance issues, and grab bars can provide many solutions for such.  

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Grab Bars DeKalb, IL

Lifts in DeKalb, IL

Get raised up to your landings safely and quickly if you’re in any type of mobility device. Ranging from a walker to a powerchair and everything in between. Our platform lifts help those who have trouble accessing their DeKalb, IL home or business landings. 

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Platform Lift DeKalb, IL

Bidet Toilet Seats in DeKalb, IL

The wave of the future has arrived and this product makes your bathroom routine better in multiple aspects. Bidets can be a great addition for anyone in DeKalb, IL because they save you time and money.   

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Bidet Toilet Seat DeKalb, IL

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