Would You Like to Order a Small, or Large?

Construction workerRaise your hand if you can predict the future. We know this is far-fetched, but considering available options for aging in place now can make a huge impact on your future. Construction can be pretty seamless… as long as you make the right choices first.

So let’s say you want to plan on making your shower more accessible – what do you do first? Probably use Google and type in “shower remodel near me.” Congratulations, you now have every option conceivable at the click of a button. There’s only one problem… how do you know which contractor to use? Should your home remodel be done using a construction corporation, or a private company? To help make this decision easier, let’s go down both paths together.

Convenience Over Quality

Option one: you decided to choose a corporation, and who could blame you? They’re widely available, have a nice website, and have plenty of contractors immediately ready. Some might just close the book here and consider this case closed. Why consider going with a small business when a company has so many employees available? Let’s explore that option.

Option two: you choose a private organization. Maybe this choice means researching more, but we feel you’ll be happier with the end result. A small contractor can typically care to each customer’s needs more, as they handle less clients at a time. Because of this, a private business will be more likely to actively listen and create a customized experience. To summarize, when a business has a specific client base (rather than a never-ending pool of customers), they have the ability to construct special solutions.

Size Vs. Smarts

Education in ConstructionHow much individual attention do you think a large corporation is able to devote to a large workforce (let alone you)? As previously mentioned, an educated contractor can make a huge difference on the outcome of your work. Consistent trainings and maintaining certifications are especially important in the aging in place market. Your construction business needs to explain what changes are needed now for a comfortable future. Certified Aging in Place Specialists (or “CAPS,” for short) receive training to know the progressions of specific ailments. This means when remodeling sections of the home, your contractor will be able to suggest long-term solutions. How do you consistently train a large group of employees effectively on the ever-evolving medical field?

Construction goes hand-in-hand with education!
We educate our crew every two weeks.

Another issue that faces large corporations is their solutions tend to become “one-size-fits-all.” It’s very common to choose a construction “package” when working with a big company. They may simplify their offerings in order to gain as many clients as possible. This can be convenient when you want to sign up quickly, but could deliver some compromises. The end goal for a corporation tends to be sales, rather than solving the customer’s needs. If you can finish a job with minimal effort and devotion, you have more time to get to more people… even when you only help each person to a minimal degree. Why create a long-term solution when you can make a long-term customer instead? However, choosing a small business is not always a perfect answer for everyone.

Find Your Happy Medium

Small organizations tend to have limited, yet specially-trained staff. Due to a smaller staff, wait times can be slightly longer. In addition, some places only dedicate their workforce to a certain category, such as aging in place. This can also be seen as a positive: imagine having contractors who are each experts in their intended field, rather than having a crew of generalists. Lastly, private businesses tend to be a little harder to find. You may have to ask friends and families for recommendations, or even navigate the dreaded second and third pages in Google. However, when you find that diamond in the rough, you found the hidden treasure.

So… what’s the best answer? As with many decisions, it highly depends on your current situation. In our minds, we feel a specialized contractor is best for the aging in place market. The older we grow, the more susceptible to various issues we become. You want someone who can relate to and understand what you are personally experiencing. In addition, look for a business where all employees are maintaining their research. Training an associate is an on-going process, which means holding classes becomes ever-so-important. In the end, you just want to make sure your aging in place specialist really is something special.

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