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Bathroom Modifications in Elgin, IL

If you’re not happy with your bathroom setup and need additions to make it more accessible, you’ve come to the right place. Home For Life can transform your bathroom in Elgin, IL to make it fully accessible for all. 

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Bathroom Modifications Elgin, IL

Stairlifts in Elgin, IL

Some individuals with specific limitations can be thrown a challenge every time they step in front of a staircase. Our stairlifts can turn that challenge into a win because it’s a safer and more reliable way to use the staircase.

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Stairlift Elgin, IL

Wheelchair Ramps in Elgin, IL

Our wheelchair ramps in Elgin, IL can be as small or as big as they need to be to fit your needs perfectly. From something smaller like a portable ramp to something bigger like a garage ramp, we do it all. 

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Wheelchair Ramp Elgin, IL

Grab Bars in Elgin, IL

Upgrade any room in your Elgin, IL home or business with grab bars. You can get one, ten, or a hundred of these, it all depends on your needs and wants for your layout. Helping people with balance/stability issues by proving them with something to grab when getting up or down for something. 

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Grab bars Elgin, IL

Lifts in Elgin, IL

If you have any raised landing within your Elgin, IL home or business layout then a wheelchair lift can be right for you. Anyone in a mobility device can benefit from a VPL or IPL. We also have patient ceiling lifts for those who need more mobility in between rooms. 

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Lifts Elgin, IL

Bidet Toilet Seats in Elgin, IL

The future of toilet seats is here and it’s more efficient than ever. Bidets can provide anyone in Elgin, IL with a faster and paperless routine in the bathroom. Also, individuals with certain mobility and accessibility limitations truly benefit from this upgrade.

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Bidet Toilet Seats in Elgin, IL

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