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Bathroom Modifications in Evanston, IL

Home For Life Advantage can provide any home or business in Evanston, IL with any bathroom modifications they may need. Ranging from grab bars to comfort-height toilets and everything in between. 

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Bathroom Modifications Evanston, IL

Stairlifts in Evanston, IL

It’s tough getting old and more times often than not getting old means that you can’t move like how you used to in your younger years. Mobility limitations can cause difficulties with accessibility of certain parts of your home, like the staircase. A stairlift can make this difficult area easy to use again. 

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Stairlift Evanston, IL

Wheelchair Ramps in Evanston, IL

Stop trying to struggle to get yourself, your customers, or even your employees to certain thresholds that have mobility limitations or are in a mobility device. Home For Life can make your Evanston, IL home or business more accessible for those in need with a simple ramp addition. 

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Wheelchair Ramps Evanston, IL

Grab Bars in Evanston, IL

If you have any trouble with balancing in certain areas of your home or business, might want to invest in some grab bars. Home For Life can install them for you the help improve safe mobility for all within any area of your current layout. 

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Grab Bars Evanston, IL

Lifts in Evanston, IL

Certain landings can’t be reached due to certain limitations for some. Being in a mobility device or just have any mobility limitation can make reaching certain areas extremely hard or impossible. Our lifts can make reaching those landings possible again in Evanston, IL.

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Lifts Evanston, IL

Bidet Toilet Seats in Evanston, IL

Go with water and not paper for your cleanup routine after you use the toilet. Bidets are sweeping the nation and changing bathroom routines all over the world. Our company can install a bidet for you to change your bathroom routine for the better. 

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Bidet Toilet Seats in Evanston, IL

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