Fall Prevention

We all assume that falling is a normal part of aging. However, the National Council on Aging (NCOA) assures us that falling is NOT a normal part of aging. They have designated the first week of Autumn, September 20th – 24th, as Fall Prevention Week to help awareness that falls are preventable. 

The Numbers 

Falling happens to 1 in 4 adults age 65+. Subsequently, the percentage of those adults falling increases as they get older. Based on statistics from the NCOA, three million older adults go to the ER due to injuries, and eight hundred thousand people are hospitalized each year. Over the last year, twenty-seven thousand older adults have even died from a fall. 

Grab Bars

Falling might not be a regular part of aging, but it is prevalent in adults sixty-five and up. Therefore, grab bars can also assist in preventing falls. At Home For Life Advantage, we can install grab bars in any room in your home. For instance, grab bars are mostly thought of as being installed in the bathroom. Grab bars can be placed wherever you need to keep your balance. Our certified professionals install only ADA grab bars with an antimicrobial finish that prevents bacteria growth. Contact us for more information regarding grab bars today.

Fall Prevention

The NCOA’s Fall Prevention week helps to share the awareness that falls are preventable. Falls Free initiative’s online questionnaire allows people to see if they are at risk and ways to prevent falling. As always, it’s essential to speak to your physician about concerns that you may have about your health.  

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