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If you’re in need of grab bars at your home or business in Elgin, IL you can feel confident entrusting the installation to Home for Life Advantage. Our team of certified aging-in-place specialists has the training and experience needed to help you select an option that will suit your needs.

You’ll love the wide selection of grab bars we offer to local homeowners. Our grab bars come in different shapes, colors, styles, and we have bariatric options (can support more weight). Also, if you’re concerned about germs, you’ll be happy to know that our grab bars come with an antimicrobial finish that can prevent the growth of bacteria.

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Grab bars Elgin, IL

Move swiftly without any trouble

Newfound stability

Imagine being able to walk around your Elgin, IL home or business with a new sense of confidence. Less falls and more balance with our grab bars.

Locked installation

We follow the ADA guidelines for grab bar installation to ensure that you feel very confident with our product with your walls.

Fully custom

If you need certain colors, more weight capacity, a certain type, we have it all. Giving you lots of options custom for your needs.

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Get some grab bars installed with Home For Life, but how?

Home For Life Advantage wants to make this process as simple as possible, here’s our easy step-by-step process that we implemented to get grab bars in your Elgin, IL home or business. 

Step #2

Wait for a response from our experts so we can get in contact with you.

Step #3

Get your grab bar project started to enjoy a new sense of independence.

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