Grab Bars

In The Greater Chicagoland Area

Grab bars provide extra stability for people with mobility issues, helping homeowners keep their balance for daily tasks in any room. Our certified professionals follow ADA guidelines to ensure that your grab bars are installed safely and correctly. 

Add Grab Bars Anywhere

Home For Life Advantage can install your choice of a grab bar in any room of your home. They are not limited to just the bathroom or garage, our certified professionals will install them wherever you need more assistance with balance.

How To Install A Grab Bars

Our Shower Grab Bar Installations

Shower Grab Bars

We highly recommend installing shower grab bars (shower bars). Installing these grab bars in certain spots in the shower will give you peace of mind while bathing. The bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas of the home because the fall is risk very high here. Our professionals will give you recommendations depending on your needs.

Toilet Grab Bars

This is a very popular area to install grab bars in a home. Having the placement of grab bars around the toilet can be an option for you. We help improve your balance and the ability to get up or down by the toilet with grab bars.

Home For Life Advantage follows the ADA toilet grab bars protocol. With our professional recommendations, we can help improve your mobility or accessibility limitations you have by the toilet. 

Our Toilet Grab Bar Installations

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course we do, we want to ensure the safety and installation of your grab bars meets the ADA’s code. 

The ADA requirements for grab bars are quite extensive. 

Click here to view the full list of the ADA requirements. The document includes:

  • ADA shower grab bars
  • ADA toilet grab bars
  • ADA bathroom grab bars

Yes we do! You can see some of our previous projects under the shower grab bars description.

Contact our experts today if you need an addition like this to your shower.

You can place them anywhere within the shower, by the toilet, etc.

Get in contact with us and/or schedule a free consultation. This will help us give you the best grab bar options for your home. 

It depends on the length of the grab bar but in general standard grab bars hold between 300-500 pounds. We also have an option for a bariatric grab bar that can hold up to 1,000 pounds. 

Yes you can! There are no room limitations for grab bar installation, they can go on any wall, anywhere.

We can install grab bars in drywall, ceramic, tile, and fiberglass. 

It’s important that a professional installs these for proper anchoring. We are the professionals you need, contact us today!

Yes they do! We have a variety of colors and sizes to pick from! We have stainless steel and warm-to-the-touch vinyl options. As well as our antimicrobial finish that inhibits bacteria growth. 

Is it time to add grab bars to your home?

Call us and speak to an expert about adding grab bars to any part of your home!

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