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“Elevate your home’s safety and accessibility with Hold Tight Handrails. Our American-made steel handrails are designed for quick installation and come in two convenient lengths (18 in and 32 in). These sturdy handrails provide a secure grip, meeting ADA standards, and are built to withstand the elements. Enhance mobility and peace of mind with Hold Tight Handrails.”

Customized for Your Space

Hold Tight Handrails offer flexibility to match your specific needs. With two available lengths, 18 inches and 32 inches, you can choose the perfect size to fit your space. This customization ensures you have the right amount of gripping room for safety. The round steel tubing, with a diameter of 1 ¼ inches, adheres to international building codes, allowing for a secure grip that’s comfortable for everyone. Whether your aim is to improve mobility for an aging family member or enhance the safety of your outdoor steps, Hold Tight Handrails can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Handrail with steps

Durable and Safe

Hold Tight Handrails offer a hassle-free solution to enhance the safety and accessibility of your home. Whether you have a one-step transition or a short staircase in your garage, these handrails can be securely mounted in minutes. With a focus on durability and performance, Hold Tight Handrails are made from heavy-duty Minnesota powder-coated steel, ensuring they withstand the test of time. Their unique, patent-pending design allows for a strong power grip, complying with ADA standards and providing up to 400 pounds of support.

Cost-Effective and American-Made

These handrails are a cost-effective solution for homeowners looking to enhance safety without breaking the bank. As they are made in the USA, you benefit from high-quality craftsmanship and reduce shipping costs. The powder-coated steel construction requires minimal upkeep and is built to withstand the elements, making it a practical choice for outdoor use. With Hold Tight Handrails, you can improve accessibility and safety in your home quickly, efficiently, and with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Hold Tight Handrail is designed for anyone who needs extra stability navigating short staircases. 

Typically, installing a handrail into these types of staircases required hammer drilling into concrete – a difficult and time-consuming job. Our handrails are easily installed in 15 minutes. Whether you’re installing a home handrail or garage handrail, Home Tight Handrails are designed with strength and durability to bring you and your loved ones peace of mind. 

Yes! Our handrails easily install either directly into a wooden door jamb, or onto any wall. They are designed to match the slope of your stairs at a standard angle. If you have questions about the Hold Tight Handrail fitting into your space, you’re always welcome to contact us! Call our office at (630) 466-2611 and we will answer any questions! 

Absolutely. Our handrails are welded from high quality steel, and are designed to connect to solid wood at multiple angles, which makes the installed product incredibly secure. Each order includes screws that are at minimum 3 inches long, ensuring that the final product is solidly attached to your door jamb or wall stud.

Whenever you need! Give us a call (630) 466-2611. We can set you up with an appointment, so our supervisors can assess the area and install your Hold Tight Handrail quickly and efficiently!

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