Inclined Platform Lifts

In The Greater Chicagoland Area

Inclined platform lifts (IPL) provide accessibility for wheelchairs, power chairs, and other mobility devices on an inclined staircase. This wheelchair lift can be installed indoors or outdoors to provide our customers with needed options for certain layouts. An IPL comes with most of the same safety features as the vertical platform lift. It’s the perfect combination of a stairlift and a vertical platform lift.

Home For Life Advantage has inclined platform lifts available for both residential and commercial buildings. 

Installed Inclined Platform Lift

Frequently Asked Questions

The rail system can change according to your needs for your specific layout. The rail system can be curved, straight, or outdoor if needed. The same idea applies to the length of the rail – we can go as long or as far to ensure that the lift is fully reaching its destination. 

Yes they can, but sometimes people can’t fold the lift up on their own due to their mobility limitations. However, there is a solution.

We can give you an automated fold feature on your IPL. You can also fold up the seat on the platform lift. 

These platform lifts can have many features, some of the main ones are:

  • Backup batteries
  • Load-balance sensors
  • Emergency shut-off buttons
  • Key controls
  • Obstruction detection
  • Fold-up capabilities 

The features don’t stop there – we can customize as much as possible to ensure we create the best IPL you need for your layout.

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