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“A growing body of evidence has linked age-related hearing loss to functional decline, depression, cognitive decline, and dementia. […] Social isolation and loneliness are hypothesized potential mechanisms through which hearing loss may be associated with worsened cognitive and mental health.”

Socializing for people with hearing disabilities is important to counteract the depression and anxiety of feeling isolated (National Library of medicine). So, it is crucial for hearing impaired individuals to be able to continue with their normal social habits and not let their disability become a barrier in their social life. Luckily there are numerous ways to overcome adversity and utilize alternatives to gain their freedom back with free technology!

Caption Calling

This is where Caption Calling comes in to save the day. Caption Calling is a 100% free telephone service that allows hearing impaired individuals to be able to have unlimited phone calls with their friends and family without the hassle of unclear calls. Caption calling utilizes a voice recognition algorithm that transcribes live phone calls and projects the transcription to a large 7” screen that is easy to read and located right onto the Caption Calling telephone device. This allows users to be able to have easy uninterrupted calls with anyone, anytime! Best of all its completely free!

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Caption Calls Features:

  • Live transcriptions
  • Adjustable volume amplification
  • Save Transcripts
  • Captioned Voicemails
  • Captioned 911 calls


You may be wondering how this service is free. Well, this service is provided and funded by the Federal Communications Commissions as part of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Caption Call promises no hidden fees and no services charges. That means a completely free Caption Call device is offered to any qualified hearing-impaired individual with access to internet, landline, or smartphone connection.

Getting your Caption Calling device mailed to you is simple just visit their website and fill out your information so they can verify you qualify for this program and they will mail a device to you. They also provide a “Red Carpet Service” which is a free installation service with a worker that will show you step by step how to use your new phone and to answer any questions about the product or service.


If you want to utilize Caption Callings service on the go then you are in luck! They recently implemented a smartphone application called “Olelo” that transcribes your live calls straight to your smartphone screen!

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The application also allows:

  • Live call transcriptions
  • Saving Transcripts
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Caption 911 Calls
  • iPhone and Android Supported!


There is no need to mail anything or any physical installation. Simply download the app and use it right away!
Socializing is a big part of anyone’s life and calling family and friends keeps us connected with our community and alleviates depression, anxiety, and other conditions. Visit the site below to gather more information on this opportunity. It does not hurt to check it out and send it to a friend or family that may need a device like this to enhance their everyday life!

Visit or call either of these to fill out information for eligibility and free phone service:

Caption Call


(877) 557-2227


Illinois Telecommunication Access Corporation


(800) 841-6167

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