Home For Life Advantage Installs Lifts in Crystal Lake, IL

Need a lift?

Home For Life Advantage can provide your Crystal Lake, IL home or business with any lift you may need. Whether that be a vertical platform lift, inclined platform lift, or a ceiling lift we can do it all for any limitation. 

Our platform lift or patient lift services aren’t exclusively for residential homes, we do apply these to any commercial building in the area. The lift will be a little different from the residential models so the lift follows commercial code. Ensuring that everything is legal and following the commercial platform or patient lift guidelines. 

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Platform Lift Crystal Lake, IL

Your premium and reliable lift service has arrived

Safe and secure

Our platform and ceiling lifts have features that keep you or your business visitors/employees safe during their trip on the lift.

Reach all landings

Refused access to certain landings or rooms in Crystal Lake, IL is no more. All of our lifts offer mobility to areas that you couldn't reach before.

No injuries

Lifts could cause hesitation with some individuals. Our lifts have custom features to avoid injury completely. Bringing the level of safety sky high.

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Available For Commercial

You’ve came to the right place if your business in Crystal Lake, IL is looking to invest in any platform or patient lift. We have certain models that follow commercial code to ensure everything is legal and safe for all of our customers or employees.

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How to get your lift addition in Crystal Lake, IL started today

Home For Life Advantage wants to make this process as simple as possible, here’s our easy step-by-step process that we implemented to get your lift project started as soon as possible.

Step #2

Wait for a response from our experts so we can get in contact with you.

Step #3

Get your lift project started to enjoy a new sense of independence.

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