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Upgrade with a lift

If your home or business has a hard-to-reach area for anyone, especially those in any type of mobility device, then Home For Life has your back. Individuals in any mobility device, ranging from a walker to a powerchair, have true difficulty with getting up and down staircases safely. 

Any of our lifts can provide you or your customers with mobile capabilities that they didn’t have before. We have different types of lifts for different types of needs, all having certain features to accommodate for any limitation. 

We want to make a positive difference in your or your business’s life. Get one of our lifts installed by one of our seasoned field workers.

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Lifts in McHenry IL

Our lifts bring new opportunities to the table

Safe and secure

Our company uses industry-leading brands and is installed correctly to ensure that your lift is 100% safe at all times.

Reach all landings

Get to places that you couldn't go to before due to a limitation, injury, or other situation. Our lifts will get you from point A to point B.

No injuries

Safe yourself from the possibility of giving yourself a new injury or reinjuring an injury with our lifts.

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Available For Commercial

Just wait a minute, people always think that our services are only for residential homes. When that isn’t true one bit, all of our services expand over to commercial businesses. Every one of our products has certain features to ensure that we are following the code of your business so everything is legal and safe.

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Home For Life Advantage wants to make this process as simple as possible, here’s our easy step-by-step process that we implemented to get your lift project started as soon as possible.

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Step #3

Get your lift project started to enjoy a new sense of independence.

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