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Bathroom Modifications in Palos Park, IL

Do you want to upgrade your or your business’s bathroom? You have come to the right place then. We’re one of the leading suppliers of bathroom modifications in the Greater Chicagoland area. Offering things like grab bars, comfort-height toilets, and much more.

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Bathroom Modifications in Aurora, IL

Stairlifts in Palos Park, IL

Getting up and down on the stairs safely is something that people don’t take into account in Palos Park, IL. Homes and businesses can benefit from our stairlift services in any regard. 

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Ramps in Palos Park, IL

Give yourself or your business the full ability to enter and exit safely. Ramps provide solutions for homeowners, customers, and business owners with accessibility limitations. We have many ramps to pick from that can fit any layout.  

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Wheelchair Ramp Aurora, IL

Grab Bars in Palos Park, IL

Falls cause a lot more injuries to people with any mobility or accessibility limitations. Sometimes those injuries can be very serious, but there’s one way to help avoid injuries from falls: grab bars. You can add these to any part of your home or business to help those that need assistance with their balance. 

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Grab Bars in Aurora, IL

Lifts in Palos Park, IL

Sometimes there are landings that people can’t reach in a mobility device like a wheelchair. Home For Life has lift services that help those reach any given destination. Ranging from ceiling lifts to complete vertical platform lifts, we offer it all.

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Vertical Platform Lift in Aurora, IL

Bidet Toilet Seats in Palos Park, IL

Everyone goes to the bathroom, obviously, but this room can provide challenges for some with mobility or accessibility limitations. A bidet toilet seat can take the weight off those people’s shoulders when they’re on the actual toilet. Providing a paperless way to clean up after yourself in any home or business.  

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Bidet Toilet Seat Aurora, IL

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