Portable Ramps

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Home For Life Advantage has sturdy and reliable portable ramps available for any home or business in need. They are designed to be transported and stored with ease so people can use them in more than one place. Giving people accessibility and mobility on the go providing more opportunities for the users.

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About Our Portable Ramps

  • Can be easily stored
  • Slip-resistant
  • Available in different lengths
  • Aluminum trends
  • Can withstand outdoor elements
  • Can support up to 700 lbs, on average
Portable Ramp

Frequently Asked Questions

A bifold portable ramp is usually around six feet long and a multifold ramp can be the same length or longer if need be. 

Residential ramps are not administered by ADA guidelines. We recommend to follow the ADA guidelines for the length to ensure the safety, the rule is for every one inch of rise there is one foot of ramp. This method provides the best solution to help avoid injuries.

A six foot portable ramp can weigh up to 41 lbs. 

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A crutch rail is the raised pieces of aluminum on the left and right of the ramp. They are meant to act as extra security to keep on wheelchair or any other mobility device. 

They keep any mobility device in place and takes away the risk of slipping of the sides of the ramp. 

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