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Our walk-in showers are completely barrier-free and have all the needed features to be completely accessible for anyone’s needs. Giving ample space to comfortably use the shower with ease. You’ll then be able to navigate correctly any mobility device without bumping into things that are in the way. 

Home For Life Advantage follows all the correct and proper guidelines for your walk-in shower to ensure your safety when entering or leaving the shower area. Your new walk-in shower can have plenty of features that will only benefit your showering process, making it easier and safer overall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When we go into designing the floor of your shower we always slope the floor a quarter inch per foot leading to the drain. This lets all the water flow to the drain instead of all over your floor, which could lead to a lot of more problems.

That slope not only makes your shower leak-less but it also makes more safe. Creating less chance of falling or slipping on the ground. Get in contact with us and/or schedule a free consultation if you are interested in a walk-in shower. 

The tile can get slippery but Home For Life uses tile that is recommended by the ADA with a COF (Coefficient of Friction) rating of 0.6 or greater. That just means that your tile will have the right amount of texture to avoid any slip or fall. 

For more information on the ADA tile guidelines click here.

Yes, we can install glass shower doors if you do request them for your shower. 

But, our experts recommend to stray away from glass doors for your walk-in shower if you do have any type of mobility or accessibility limitation. That’s because glass doors can be difficult to use safely with limitations, especially when they are wet from a shower.  

Contact us today so we can determine if glass doors are a good or bad addition for your shower. 

Yes, it can be adjusted to whatever pressure is most comfortable for you. Individuals with sensitive skin benefit from this feature, it keeps your skin in tact and your more content with the showering process.

Contact our experts to get more information about how we adjust your water pressure for your shower.

No, lots of people who are looking to buy a house nowadays prefer a walk-in shower over other shower designs. 

That leads into another reason as to why we don’t recommend walk-in bathtubs. Not only are they poorly designed and inconvenient for most, they give the bathroom a more institutional look which is what we want to avoid at all costs. 

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